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Best Hookah Flavors for 2022: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Everything you need to know about the hottest new hookah shisha flavors for 2022

It’s 2022 already and people are already asking about hookah shisha flavors for 2022. That doesn’t surprise us at all. One of the core questions in the hookah community every year is what are the best flavors, or what are the new flavors, or what flavors are trending right now. Now we have the privilege to try new flavors from brands as they come out. Not every brand is that savvy when they send us their top flavors or even their new flavors (if you are a brand representative, get in touch, we would love to try your flavors so we can use your platform to sell them if your tobacco is of high quality), we often have to ask or we get samples from the distribution side of things, but we do get a good handle on what new hookah flavors stand out. And that is the cool thing about hookah tobacco. There are going to be a handful of new flavors every year that really shake up the hookah community and stand out as top flavor contentions for one of the best flavors. Period.
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What went into selecting the top hookah shisha flavors for 2022?

Here is what we did in order to write this guide. We’ve tried maybe 30 newer flavors in addition to older and classic shisha flavors that have stood the test of time. OG flavors include things like Double Apple, AF Grape, AF Mint. There are plenty more, but you should be able to recognize what they are by the ones we name dropped above. 

Now OG flavors are not everybody’s cup of tea. So we get that, and our guide isn’t only centered around OG flavors. It’s a mixture of OG flavors, both heavier and lighter more succulent flavors, fruity flavors, and fruity minty flavors. 

We tried the flavors over time, and we also recommended some of the top newer flavors to our customers and friends and over time we received their feedback and were able to articulate which ones were top contenders for new flavors that will clearly stand out in 2022. 

We should also be transparent and say that much of this research and testing was done in the second half of 2021. Not to worry, we don’t have more than a handful of new flavors hitting the market in early 2022, at the time of writing this guide, so we haven’t missed anything. We will update the list of best hookah flavors and add anything that stands out as 2022 hookah shisha releases hit the market this year, so this guide will always be up to date. 

3 Hookah Shisha Tobacco Clay Bowls with Shisha Tobacco

How did we select the best hookah shisha flavors for 2022?

We used a very simple, very intuitive rubric for selecting flavors, both a mixture of legendary flavors that have stood the test of time, and new flavors, judging them all the same way, which we’ve simply explained below. This is probably how many of you hookah lovers also judge newer shisha flavors on your own as you try them out throughout the year.

Longevity of Flavor

Simply put, how long does the flavor last? And when we say this we mean how long does the peak flavor last. That means the duration of time where the entire flavor profile of the hookah shisha is at its peak before it starts diminishing. Solid brands can attain the maximum duration for 1-1.5 hours depending on the hookah bowl, the heat, and the pack being used.

Flavor Profile

This represents the unique notes in the hookah tobacco flavor, and how pungent those notes are. We all know of those flavors where you have to sit back and really try to figure out what it is that you are smoking. And since we aren’t trying to discover buried gold here, nor are we wine connoisseurs identifying the top, middle, and bottom notes of a glass of wine, we tend to prefer flavors that smoke like they should smoke, and where the flavor is both present and pungent so you get richness in every inhale.

Heat Retention

Lastly, what kind of burning properties does this tobacco have? Does it retain heat well? Does it get too hot too easily, requiring too much heat management? Does it burn too quickly? A good tobacco will do well with a decent amount of heat, and will not require that much management. It will also be able to tolerate that heat for 1-2 hours, again depending on the bowl and the pack.

Consistency of the Hookah Tobacco

When we say the consistency of the hookah tobacco here, we are not talking about the visual look. If you’ve smoked tobacco for any length of time, you are probably already aware that large brands from time to time change their manufacturing procedures, slightly change the raw materials they use, or change manufacturing facilities altogether. While not optimal this has been the case for many large brands over the last 10-20 years.

So what we mean by the consistency of tobacco is does the tobacco consistently perform, over time? Is it stable in a variety of setups? Do you need to really find the right setup, or you can pack the tobacco in a traditional bowl or a phunnel bowl, and use a Kaloud Lotus HMD, or an Apple on Top Provost 2, or a Hookah John Flavor Saver and get the same performance in all of the setups?

Because if tobacco requires rocket science where you have to really nail down the exact setup where it performs well, then it’s not really that great of a tobacco to begin with. And that is simply because unless there is a manufacturer’s suggested setup for the hookah tobacco, then it should perform as it should perform, across a variety of setups with a minor degree of objective difference between any of the setups.

Now that we have covered the necessary information about the best hookah and shisha flavors of 2022, let’s jump right into the top hookah flavors. Again, this is a living buyers guide, that will be updated throughout 2022 as needed to current at all times!

We have tried in excess of 50 flavors over the last year, and in doing so, here are the absolute best hookah flavors available in 2022:

Our ultimate hookah flavors are not listed in any particular order, except by brand to make it easier to view. Enjoy 😀


Eternal Smoke Watermelon Lit

Eternal Smoke 250g Watermelon Lit Hookah Shisha Tobacco Flavor

Eternal Smoke is a newcomer to the hookah shisha game but they have nailed two flavors really well. Watermelon Lit is a juicy, finer cut tobacco that is red to the eye. Manufactured in Jordan and then imported in the USA, this is a blonde leaf tobacco that provides a medium buzz. The flavor profile of Watermelon Lit is a soft, juicy, and noticeable watermelon flavor with a medium mint profile. Given that watermelon is a softer flavor in reality, Eternal Smoke Watermelon Lit has done an amazing job at recreating that flavor with as much flavor as you could find in a light flavor profile, making it the best watermelon flavor available in 2022!

The hookah comes packaged with everything you need to get started, including the entire hookah stem and downstem, heart, tray, a silicone hose with a matching tip, the hose grommet (its magnetic which is cool), and the vase gasket and the glass vase itself. The box is sturdy enough and compartmentalized, so you can use it as a carrying case.

What Makes This Flavor Great?

Eternal Smoke Watermelon Lit is the juiciest, most flavorful watermelon flavor on the market, even with the added mint.


Eternal Smoke Lime Lit

Eternal Smoke Lime Lit Hookah Shisha Tobacco 250g Blonde Leaf - Lime Mint Flavor

The second flavor that Eternal Smoke has that is a banger is their Lime Lit. Also manufactured in Jordan, this blonde leaf tobacco visibly has longer less fine cut tobacco with longer dark blonde colored leaves. The Lime Lit tobacco also provides a medium buzz, and has a potent and strong lime and mint flavor profile. This is definitely a stronger flavor profile, and one that can easily overpower lighter flavors. The note of the lime is a fresh zesty lime, and the mint is a fresh potent mint. This flavor easily gives Fumari’s lemon mint a backseat, which is a legendary flavor, but over the last 4-5 years, it just doesn’t taste or smoke as it once did. Eternal Smoke has been very consistent in their manufacturing of this flavor over the last 2 years.

What Makes This Flavor Great?

Move over Fumari’s Lemon Mint, Lime Lit is fresh zesty lime plus a fresh high altitude mint, on steroids.


Trifecta Peppermint Shake

Trifecta Blonde Peppermint Shake Hookah Shisha Tobacco 250g

Trifecta Tobacco is a company based out of Washington state that has become wildly popular over the last several years. Their small batch production of both dark and blonde leaf tobacco with 60 flavors has something for everybody. Trifecta is known for their fine cut tobacco, and the Peppermint Shake comes in both darkleaf and blonde leaf. We’re a big fan of the blonde leaf Peppermint Shake flavor as are others. The flavor profile of the blonde leaf Peppermint Shake is exactly as the flavor sounds it should taste like. You are getting a rich experience of what a peppermint shake would taste like while at the time not being overly sweet which is a really good thing here, otherwise it wouldn’t be as smokeable. A rich and creamy vanilla peppermint flavor with more of a subtle mint pairing. By Itself this flavor may be a little too rich for some, which is why it’s also great to pair with an additional mint like Twice The Ice, which really enhances the softer mint undertones to balance the flavor out.

For those that can tolerate Dark Leaf tobacco, since it packs a much bigger buzz, also love the Peppermint Shake darkleaf that has the amazing peppermint shake flavor with tobacco undertones, to make it a perfect melody on your tongue.

What Makes This Flavor Great?

Dessert flavors rarely taste so accurate and so good that they can be smoked all the time, but Trifecta’s Peppermint Shake has nailed the rich, creamy, and minty experience!


Trifecta Twice The Ice X

Trifecta Blonde Peppermint Shake Hookah Shisha Tobacco 250g

This is another small batch manufactured hookah shisha flavor from Spokane Washington, headquarters of Trifecta Tobacco. The flavor profile of Twice the Ice X is definitely one of the stronger mint flavors, yet still a solid mint, not too sweet like a spearmint based mint flavor, and not too menthol-y either. In smaller doses than a normal mint you would use, unless you are a straight mint smoker 🥶 or a mint aficionado, you can pair this as the perfect mint for any bowl you are packing. This is also a medium buzz blonde leaf tobacco that is finely cut and has a rich brown look to it.

What Makes This Flavor Great?

You rarely have middle of the road mint flavor profiles, not too sweet, not too bitter, that hold the flavor all the way through your session, but Trifecta Twice the Ice X is one of them!


Al Fakher Two Apples

Al Fakher Two Apples 250g Hookah Shisha Tobacco

The first OG Flavor on this list is by Al Fakher that has a few more time tested flavors on this list. Al Fakher is a UAE manufactured tobacco brand that has been around forever, and they are known for their larger cut blonde leaf tobacco, most of their flavors look like tobacco that has been dyed red, again larger medium cut tobacco. Al Fakher Two Apples is a legendary double apple flavor that is no doubt a strong and heavy flavor. The flavor profile is an intense and rich black licorice flavor, with apples that may be buried 6 feet deep, just deep enough to maybe get an undertone or not depending on your palate and how long you have been smoking the flavor for. Other notes in this flavor profile are hard to identify specifically, but the second flavor profile is a spicy flavoring with a mixture of mostly unidentifiable spices such as anise or cardamom probably. The black licorice / anise inhale is strong, with muddled spices in the background of the inhale, and the exhale gives you more subtle black licorice / anise flavor, and more of a slightly noticeable apple flavor.

Al Fakher Two Apples is a great candidate to be mixed with mint, and we definitely suggest it. The Two Apples flavor is a big hit with traditional and cultural hookah smokers, and it is no surprise that it is a staple in many Middle Eastern countries, where a lot of Two Apples, or its similarly legendary counterpart Nakhla Double Apples, is smoked! Be careful, because this flavor will stain your hookah, so if you smoke different flavor profiles, or a lot of Two Apples, get a dedicated hookah and hose for it.

What Makes This Flavor Great?

For black licorice and heavy flavor lovers, Al Fakher Two Apples is a workhorse flavor that has longevity and a strong authentic flavor throughout each bowl.


Al Fakher Grape

Al Fakher Grape 250g Hookah Shisha Tobacco Blonde Leaf

Another OG flavor offering from an OG brand, Al Fakher tobacco company. AF Grape (with the picture of white grapes on the packaging) is also a blonde leaf tobacco that is a finer cut tobacco with a dyed red look to it. This grape hookah flavor provides solid medium buzz, and is another OG heavy and legendary flavor from Al Fakher tobacco that has been around for a long time. And it has been popular for just as long as it has been out which can speak to its flavor profile and consistency as a tobacco. The flavor profile of the Al Fakher Grape is just as it would smell, a strong grape flavor that has a slight sweet undertone to it. A very luscious and strong grape flavor, more like a wine-ish sour grape and not the poppy, carbonated grape soda grape type bright grape flavor.

What Makes This Hookah Great?

A grape flavor that is juicy and rich in flavor, and Al Fakher Grape is one that goes the distance.


Al Fakher Mint

Al Fakher Mint 250g Hookah Shisha Tobacco Blonde Leaf

Al Fakher mint has to be the staple mint flavor for all hookah lovers. This medium to fine cut tobacco is also from the UAE where Al Fakher produces their shisha tobacco. This blonde leaf tobacco has a medium buzz, nothing crazy, but can last an entire session with good flavor longevity. The flavor profile of the Al Fakher Mint is a more subtle mint that gives you a minty punch with slight sweetness on the exhale, barely noticeable, and doesn’t overpower the bowl like other mint flavors. Perfect for mixing with other flavors and not creating an overkill of mint flavor, unless you pack too much. And if you pack too much, you are a mint lover, so that’s okay too! 

What Makes This Flavor Great?

Al Fakher Mint is a staple – a middle of the road mint, with no real frills, pleasant and not overpowering, and one that will last your entire session. 


Adalya Lady Killer

Adalya Lady Killer 250g Blonde Leaf Hookah Shisha Tobacco

Adalya is manufactured in Turkey and is a brand that has quite an interesting list of flavors in its arsenal. This tobacco is a finer cut blonde leaf that has a red color to it. Keep in mind the EU versions of Lady Killer are blonde in color, so if you purchased this flavor in the European Union, it can look different, but will taste the same. It comes slightly juicy, and is easy enough to pack. The flavor profile of Adalya Lady Killer is definitely fruity minty in nature. You will taste a tropical infusion of melon and watermelon as the dominating notes, maybe more of a watermelon, though the mango is slightly more present, with a mint and maybe berries in the aftertaste.

What Makes This Flavor Great?

Adalya Lady Killer is a nice fruity minty concoction that is a great tropical standalone flavor that packs a punch.


Starbuzz Exotic Geisha

Starbuzz Geisha Exotic Line Hookah Shisha Tobacco Blonde Leaf 250g

Starbuzz, the renowned hookah brand that was first known for flavors and then hookahs, couldn’t not be mentioned in this list. The first flavor from Starbuzz is part of its delicious exotic line, Geisha. Starbuzz is manufactured in the USA using fine Virginian tobacco, and produces a large number of blonde leaf and a select line of dark leaf tobaccos under its vintage line. Geisha is a medium cut blonde leaf tobacco that looks blonde like many of Starbuzz’s offerings. The flavor profile of Geisha is exotic in nature, it would be best described as a luscious soft but not so soft peach flavor, that is truly like a Geisha in its nature. The flavor profile is just perfect and it can be smoked by itself, or it can be added to many fruity minty flavors to create an even more exotic bowl for your next session.

What Makes This Flavor Great?

Geisha by Starbuzz, part of their Exotic line of flavors, is a perfect peachy shisha tobacco to make your next bowl a soft yet succulent experience.


Starbuzz Exotic Pink

Starbuzz Exotic Pink Hookah Shisha Tobacco Blonde Leaf 250g

Starbuzz Pink is another Exotic Line flavor from the powerhouse brand. This blonde leaf tobacco comes in a medium cut, and looks pretty blonde when you take a first glance. Not overly juicy, this tobacco provides a medium buzz and is good for all sessions. The flavor profile of Pink is nothing like it’s name. You will taste rich berries, as in raspberries, with a sweet caramel undertone that isn’t too sweet to overpower the fruity flavor profile of this shisha. Pink makes a great stand alone flavor and can also be mixed with mint and other fruity flavors to send you to heaven.

What Makes This Flavor Great?

Starbuzz (Exotic) Pink isn’t your traditional fruity flavor, with its rich and luscious and somewhat sweet caramel pairing to its fruity berry taste, it’s no wonder why this flavor has been so popular.


Starbuzz Exotic Green Savior

Starbuzz Exotic Green Savior Hookah Shisha Tobacco Blonde Leaf 250g

We wouldn’t be able to live with ourselves if we didn’t add another Starbuzz flavor that is quite orient in its nature, Green Savior from its exotic line. A USA manufactured blonde leaf tobacco, Green Savior is medium cut like all of Starbuzz’s shisha tobaccos. This flavor is a stronger medium buzz and would be considered a more heavier flavor. This would be the exact opposite of many of our fruity or other stronger flavors mentioned here in its flavor profile. Green Savior is Starbuzz’s take on the popular south Indian / Pakistani region of delicacy, specifically Paan. Paan is a fusion of oriental and light spicy flavors in a beautiful mix. You’re going to taste a fusion of minty, floral, and lemony voodoo to give you a flavor like you’ve probably never smoked before. This would be more of a moderate, or palatable and slightly lighter replication of the Afzal Pan Raas which is also mentioned below if you really like this flavor profile. Green Savior is great to mix with a Mint or Lime Lit or a number of other flavors like AF Blueberry, something most of us wouldn’t imagine on our own 🙂

What Makes This Flavor Great?

Starbuzz (Exotic) Green Savior is out here to give you a melody of flavors you couldn’t have imagined in a perfectly balanced shisha for those of you that like your hookah tobacco on the exotic side.


Afzal Pan Raas

Afzal Pan Raas 250g Hookah Shisha Tobacco 250g Blonde Leaf

When you think of the flavor Pan Raas you probably think immediately of one brand of that flavor in particular – Afzal Paan Raas. Afzal is a pretty popular international brand manufacturing their hookah tobacco in New Delhi, India. Upon visual inspection Pan Raas looks dark brown and is medium cut blonde leaf tobacco. This would be considered a heavier flavor that will stain your hookah and your hose, and it packs a moderate buzz. The smell of the Afzal Pan Raas would remind you of a slightly sweet Paan that you could buy from a roadside vendor in India or Pakistan. But it has a pungent smell. The flavor profile is going to be a strong floral and mentholy mint flavor, both very present, and there may be some vague spicy undertones. If you are a Pan lover, this is still the best Pan on the market.

What Makes This Flavor Great?

If you’re a Pan smoker, or you love strong, exotic flavors, you don’t want to miss out on the flavor that is synonymous with the name Pan, Afzal Pan Raas.


Chaos Mangana

Chaos Mangana 250g Hookah Shisha Tobacco Blonde Leaf

Chaos is a newer brand that started in Germany in 2016, and is now buzzing in the USA for their performance blonde leaf hookah tobacco and their amazing flavors. Chaos Mangana is one of those flavors.

What do we mean by performance blonde leaf tobacco you may ask. Well some people say that Chaos can handle heat better, and is resilient under many different packing methods including semi dense and dense packs that traditionally burn faster. We would have to agree with this assessment, in our use of Chaos tobacco, it seemed less picky when the bowl was packed sloppily or if it was more tightly packed, and performed well.

Chaos Mangana looks like juicy blonde leaf tobacco that is a finer medium cut. It packs a medium buzz like most blonde leaf shisha flavors. The flavor profile of Chaos Mangana is a pretty authentic and rich mango taste, with a little bitterness at the end. This is more like a dehydrated mango strip flavor of mango than a in season Pakistani or Mexican or Indian mango that is more juicy and vibrant, but that isn’t a bad thing at all.

What Makes This Flavor Great?

Chaos Mangana is one of the best recreations of the mango flavor, and can be smoked alone or mixed with other tropical flavors.


Chaos Policeman

Chaos Policeman 250g Hookah Shisha Tobacco Blonde Leaf

Chaos Policeman is another hit from the German manufacturer of this finer cut blonde leaf tobacco. Chaos produces juicy tobacco, and that is because the juice is where the flavor comes from. The hookah tobacco for Policemen also looks kind of blonde or orangish. The flavor profile of Policeman is definitely a fruity minty one. You get an icy watermelon with a sweet lychee finish. The watermelon isn’t too bold or prominent, we categorize this as a lychee watermelon flavor with mint. The flavor is juicy and rich and it lasts, which is what makes Chaos tobacco so great.

What Makes This Flavor Great?

Chaos Policeman is the perfect rich lychee flavor with sweet lychee and watermelon finished with a minty kick.


Chaos El Patron

Chaos El Patron 250g Hookah Shisha Tobacco Blonde Leaf

Chaos El Patron is another remarkably fine flavor from the Germany based shisha brand Chaos. This is also their third flavor on this list, so it looks like Chaos is no one hit wonder. While the buzz in Germany is not all universal praise for this brand, some people like it others don’t, in the US market that is much more limited on quality shisha tobacco manufacturers, Chaos definitely seems to deliver. Maybe in Germany they have a lot more shisha manufacturers than we do here, which could make sense, and so their options are a lot more diverse than just the major players and some newcomers we have widely available to the US market.

Again with El Patron, you have a finer cut blonde leaf tobacco that comes semi juicy with a less viscous flavoring juice that sticks to the leaves kind of like a thicker syrup. To a quick visual inspection you see bright orangeish tobacco leaves and the aroma is ever so present when you open the container. The flavor profile of El Patron packs a light punch. You have the apparent and dominant notes of citrusy orange, a juicy peach, and a sweet and subtle note of passion fruit. This flavor is a tropical powerhouse, not as juicy or punchy as eating a Jolly Rancher hard candy, but enough of a melody to provide that perfect tropical vibe in your mouth.

What Makes This Flavor Great?

Chaos El Patron means “the boss” in Spanish, and this tropical melody is definitely El Patron of your next session – it’s that good!

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