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Showing all 4 results

Cocourth is a company that started in 2016. Their goal was to tackle global issues such as pollution, especially from the use of hookahs and shishas which can be easily made using Cocourths cleanest coconut charcoal briquettes for smoking devices.

They utilize new technology with Earth-consciousness so they are one of the few leading manufacturers who provide safe materials for those looking to smoke legally or even recreationally without harming themselves or others around them!

Cocourth has been on an ongoing mission since their inception into manufacturing cocount coal briquette specifically designed for shisha/hookah users all over the world by taking measures against large scale air pollution problems through their innovative products like Coconut Charcoal Briquet Starter Packs

Cocourth coals are crafted with the use of all natural and organic ingredients, which means they’re free from chemical additives. The Cocourth collection offers 6 different shapes-rounds, squares, hexagons-“honeycombs,” hearts-in 17 sizes to fit any bowl size or need.

They maximize flavor retention while minimizing ash output for a cleaner cut edge that’s been loved by many smokers seeking consistent quality in their shisha smoking experience.

These outstanding coals have received much love from us and our reviewers: not only because of their low ash output but also because there is no taste associated with Cocourth charcoals so your tobacco will be what you taste without an interfering charcoal aftertaste!