What is Shisha?

Hookah is a favorite pastime for many, but not all. Shisha tobacco has been around in various cultures since the 15th century and it can be found across much of Africa, Asia, Europe as well as North America today. It’s often smoked from what we call a hookah pipe or “shisha.” What you might find surprising about shishas though is that they’re usually mixed with molasses AND vegetable glycerin!

The History of Hookah Tobacco

The history of hookah tobacco is a fascinating one. The traditional way to smoke it, with a water pipe, originated in India and spread throughout the Middle East. It was used by sheiks as a form of relaxation throughout the 18th century. Nowadays, people are smoking more than ever before and there are many different flavors to enjoy!

In order to smoke it, one must first prepare the hookah. The traditional process involves filling a bowl with tobacco, which is then covered in hot coals before being placed on top of an open container filled with water and ice cubes.

A more modern method is to fill one end of the pipe with liquid flavorings called molasses – this can be anything from mint extract or lemon juice to chocolate syrup! Once it has been mixed together, the user pours into another bowl that contains heated coal and places it at the other end of the chamber. When they inhale through their lips, air passes over the coal before traveling down into various pipes until finally reaching your lungs -which will give you a refreshingly cool hit each time due to all that ice chilling everything