What is a Hookah?

Hookah (Or shisha) is a water pipe used for smoking tobacco, flavored tobaccos and herbal products. It’s typically shared among friends as an enjoyable social activity that has been around in the Middle East since at least 500 BCE. is a smoking device from the Middle East originating in India, consisting of an urn that holds water or fruit juice; a bowl for dipping tobacco called a “quid”; and one or more hoses (or “pipes”) that can be used to inhale smoke through filters. The word hookah comes from the Persian words ḡūk meaning tube and ḥāl meaning pot, which together translated as pipe with water.

Hookahs are made up of four parts:

  • a body or chamber which holds smoke-producing material (i.e., charcoal, fruit-flavored tobacco)
  • a bowl to hold the product being smoked; this may be ceramic or metal with a filter device known as a “grommet” attached on top to prevent it from leaking out when pressure is applied
  • an air supply channel called the “sook” connected to one end of the hose that passes through all these pieces opening in the top of the hose that allows air to enter
  • a “vase” or “bubbler” at one end of the hose. This contains water, which cools and filters smoke before it is inhaled through a mouthpiece on the other side

Hookahs are typically made from glass, ceramic or metal materials. The tobacco-containing charcoal starts burning once lit up with either an ember (small butane flame) or a candle’s hot wax pool; this provides heat for vaporizing the liquid ingredients inside. When someone smokes from a hookah pipe by taking long drags they can breathe in large volumes of smoke quickly without feeling uncomfortable because there is no restriction – like when smoking cigarettes. That means you can be able to enjoy your hookah for longer periods of time.

Hookah Size Options

– Small: If you’re looking for a low key night out with your friends that doesn’t involve alcohol, there are plenty of options. If you want to enjoy the company and conversation while still being able to smoke Hookah in peace, small hookahs can be just what’s needed!

– Medium: The medium hookah pipe has more water capacity than small, which means it lasts longer. But this also makes it harder to move around. So if you want something that’s easy for socializing with friends, we recommend going with a smaller size option like a mini hookah instead.

-Large: If you are catering large events then go ahead and choose this one because they have great smoking times too – up to three hours! And these pipes are perfect for group gatherings or house parties

Hookah Styles


In ancient times, when hookahs first became popular in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, they were just cylindrical tubes that served as pipes for smoking. Over time these began to evolve into more elaborate contraptions with many intricate parts: some would have a long tube on top so one could smoke standing up; others had multiple chambers which allowed you to put various flavors of tobacco or herbs inside before lighting it alight.Lengths varied too- sometimes reaching two meters in length! Hookah’s also evolved aesthetically over time (leading us now to today’s ornate glass pieces) but all maintained their core.

The modern hookah has a lot of bells and whistles that must be considered when designating the output tone.

The world’s most popular smoking device just got even better thanks to some creative innovations in recent years – one such innovation being a new “purge port” which opens up many more possibilities than ever before.

Modernized or not, no matter what you’re looking for from your smoking experience it can surely be found among today’s collection of innovative designs on offer at any given time.

Hookah pipes are often thought of as a tradition in Middle Eastern countries. It is deep-rooted for many and they have been crafting these handmade objects since the start all the way to finishing them off by hand. For some, this part of everyday life but it’s not always easy with their history rooted back over 600 years ago!


Modern hookahs have a sleek and stylish design. They are available in different colors such as black, stainless steel or silver! The modern version of the traditional pipe is often made from glass or metal instead of wood with an enclosed chamber that provides smokers more control over their smoking experience by controlling heat output, airflow and smoke quality.

These pipes also feature hose ports for users to share -making them ideal social instruments- purge vents which allow you to clear your head so there’s no wasted tobacco left behind after each puffing session.

Russia is the go-to destination for those looking for new and unique hookahs. These modernized designs are a great way to improve your experience! Plus, they have an added level of eccentricity with all their neat decorative features like carbon fiber or even magnets that will make you fall in love with them at first sight.

Hookahs are traditionally hand-made but now most of them are machine made. The machines that produce these hookah pipes follow a certain set of guidelines to create the perfect product, assuring consistency and precision in every detail from design to construction.