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About the Hoob Hookah Company

Hoob company was established in October 2013 in Russia. The idea of ​​creating designer hookahs comes to our minds as a way to realize our >potential and knowledge gained in the BMSTU, one of the best technical universities in the Russian Federation. Not only hard work but also able to touch the result of this work, to change something in the process, to realize our ideas – all that was our main motivation to establish Hoob.

Then we started the development of a hookah and set out to make it different from any of the classical hookahs. And so began a long way in search of design, materials, treatments, and coatings, as well as other technical matters, for Hoob hookahs to meet the requirements of today’s market. Different metal alloys grade aluminum, sandblasting, anti-vandal coating and so much more we have tried before coming to the quality and appearance that you can see today in the Hoob hookahs.

Every moment we are developing new hookahs and accessories, finalizing those functions that should be corrected after some tests. Hoob manufacturing is located in Russia, in this regard, we have the opportunity to make quick changes to the design of hookahs. German hookahs as they are positioned by the manufacturer, are often manufactured in China that does not play to their advantage in terms of quality and durability, as many glass hookahs on the market are produced in the same place.

Why Choose Hoob Hookah?

Hoob Hookahs like the Hoob Sub Atom and Atom are made with a qualitative approach to the issue of safety of human health. We have tried to minimize the possible areas of concerns with cheaper hookahs that use materials such as cheaper grades of stainless steel materials that have concerning properties when exposed to heat, and by abandoning paint and other hazardous coatings which are equally as concerning when used in a hookah pipe. This how a Hoob hookah is able to deliver pleasant, less restricted airflow and thick juicy smoke without any foreign adulterants in the taste.

Hoob Hookahs & Accessories are Now Available at Coals N Bowls

Coals N Bowls provides you you a curated and hand selected range of Hookahs and Hookah Accessories by Hoob that you cannot overlook due to how good these pipes and accessories really are. Let’s take a closer look at the line of hookahs from Hoob Company below.

Hoob Mars – Space Grey colorway

The Hoob Mars is a part of Hoob’s Classic series that is a fusion of traditional inspired hookah designs and CNC machining. The Hoob Mars makes it evident that new technologies can introduce exceptional experiential pleasure and performance while paying homage to the traditional style of hookah smoking. The Hoob Mars Space Grey has a modular design, making it perfect for traveling and use in a variety of locations indoors and outdoors.

Hoob Mars – Bronze Colorway

This Hoob Mars hookah stem is from the Supreme Series which is an ultra-traditional hookah with a precision CNC machined stem. It stands 72 centimeters or 28 inches tall, with engraved details, an optional removable and adjustable diffuser, a magnetic hose port, and more. It comes in a beautiful bronze colorway that looks more like a rose gold, giving it a very elegant appearance.

Hoob Mars – Black Colorway

The Hoob Mars hookah in Black features an original yet provocative design and includes the Hoob Black Mars stem, a black matte silicone hose, the glass base, a stainless steel charcoal tray, and an adjustable and removable diffuser. It is an exclusive piece from the Hoob Black Series that will surely set you apart from other hookahs.

Hoob Go On in Bronze A Colorway

If you are someone keen on comprehending hookah culture and want to be unique at the same time, then Hookah Go On Bronze A is a perfect option for you. The entire Hoob Go On Bronze A stands only 49-cm tall is ideal for professional, personal home use and traveling.

Hoob Go On in Black A Colorway

It has been crafted as a universal hookah piece made of stainless steel, and a special long-lasting finish with luxurious black and gold finishing. The 49-cm Hoob Hookah set comes complete with a Hoob Go On Black Stem, fixed charcoal tray, magnetic hose port with a black matte silicone hose, and many more.

Hoob Go On A in Space Grey Colorway

This Hoob piece is a perfect kit for beginners that is made using 100% stainless steel and a special long-lasting coating. A 49-cm height of the hookah set which comes with complete Space Grey stem, a stainless charcoal tray, a magnetic hose port, and a black matte silicone hose.

Hoob SubAtom in Gold Colorway

The Hoob SubAtom Gold is one of the most revolutionary and solid hookahs produced by Hoob. Though small, it is uncompromised when it comes to performance, mobile enough for both outdoor and indoor use. It has a magnetic lock system that allows you to set up your hookah real fast and with utmost ease. Hookah SubAtom Black is only 12-cm or 4.72″ tall and has an acrylic tank with gorgeous gold flakes.

Hoob SubAtom Space Grey Colorway

The Hoob SubAtom in Space Grey is a stunning compact Hoob hookah tank is made of durable acrylic, and resembles a game cube that measures only 12-cm tall, or 4.72″ in height. It comes with a modern and minimalistic design with a magnetic locking lid system. It is small but the smooth silky clouds you will get are truly mind-blowing.
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