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Best Hookahs: The Ultimate Hookah Pipe Buying Guide for 2022

Ultimate Hookah Buying Guide for 2022 - Best Modern Hookah Pipes to Buy Online

All you need to know when buying your first or next hookah pipe online

It’s 2022 already! Are you looking to buy your first hookah pipe? Maybe you’re in the market for a modern hookah or even a cheap hookah? There is a lot that can go into understanding which hookah pipe you should buy and for which purpose. There are travel hookahs, there are glass hookahs, there are mini hookahs and tall hookahs, and other types of hookahs too. There are even disposable hookahs nowadays made of some kind of plastic. Of course, we’re going to pass on that, but everyone has a preference.

Our job at Coals N Bowls is to help the hookah community by showcasing the best hookah products on the market to help optimize and enhance your smoking experience. In this case when you are wondering which hookah should I buy, we’re here to simplify the different aspects of buying a hookah pipe and make it easier for you to make a decision on what hookah to purchase in 2022.

Below we have listed the best smoking and performing hookahs that are made to last, and reviewed the important aspects of them. CoalsNBowls.com stocks everything you need when buying your next hookah pipe. So let’s get started!

What Went Into Selecting the Best Hookahs for 2022?

We looked at the key aspects of buying a hookah: how is the pull:is it open, or is it restricted, how does it smoke and what size of clouds does it put out, how durable is this hookah, how easy is this hookah to assemble and disassemble, how portable is this hookah, and is the hookah easy to clean.

Since the draw is the most important aspect of buying a hookah, we’re going to give a primer on it below. If you are an experienced smoker and already know what the draw of the hookah is, you can skip ahead if you really want!

Girl Exhaling a Hookah at a Restaurant Having A Drink

What is the Draw or Pull of a Hookah?

Since the draw of the hookah (some people may say the pull of the hookah) is probably the number one priority for most hookah buyers, we thought we should get more in depth on it for all the first time hookah buyers or even experienced ones that have only smoked one type of hookah that only gave them one type of experience. 

The draw or pull of the hookah is simply how easy the hookah is to take one hit out of. The way we will measure the draw in this guide, and in general the way to understand what kind of a draw a hookah has or what kind of draw you prefer as a hookah buyer, is as follows. 

When a hookah is as easy to take a hit of, as you take a breath of air, that is what is considered a wide draw or open draw hookah. When you have to put more effort than that, or your draw has a more weighty or heavy feeling, you have a restricted draw hookah. 

What is the best way to test the draw of a hookah? 

Also keep in mind you can only determine the draw once a hookah at minimum has water in it, and ideally you want a bowl to be on it as well. Without the bowl, you will have a less accurate idea because the bowl is always on a hookah when you’re smoking it. It also adds a minimal amount of necessary restriction that will always be present in your smoking experience. This is the true way to get an idea for what kind of draw a hookah has. 

What other factors affect the draw of a hookah?

There are several other factors that will affect the draw of your hookah to a much lesser extent. As I mentioned above your hookah bowl will add necessary restrictions to your hookah. But a tightly packed bowl that has bad airflow, will push that necessary restriction and make it bad restriction. Unless that is your preference. But this also puts a much larger strain on your lungs. 

Other things that can add to restriction of the draw of your hookah will include the number and size of holes on your foil and the diameter of your hookah hose and the hose tip. Now most of these factors will not come into effect unless your hookah experience is suffering from the baseline draw of the hookah which again is setup with water filled in the base and the bowl attached.

These are the key questions and aspects of a hookah pipe you should be looking out for when buying the best hookah for yourself in 2022, and we’ve already factored them into your buying process in this article. You’re welcome 🙂

We Tested Over 30 Hookahs, and These Are the Best Hookahs to Buy in 2022


Best Overall Hookah for 2022

Alpha Model X Hookah

Best Overall Hookah for 2022 Alpha Model X Hookah

The Alpha Model X is only 16.5 inches tall without the base, and is constructed mostly of stainless steel, some aluminum, and high quality plastic polymer for the heart of the hookah and the stem cover. One cool feature is the purge channels into 8 holes so it looks like the smoke is coming out of 8 different holes and it blows into the bottom of the tray and then diffuses outwards. The Alpha Model X is completely deconstructable and can easily be transported anywhere. This hookah has a removable diffuser and is one of the best hitting hookahs with amazing cloud production and a wide open draw on the market. 

Alpha Model X Purge
The hookah comes packaged with everything you need to get started, including the entire hookah stem and downstem, heart, tray, a silicone hose with a matching tip, the hose grommet (its magnetic which is cool), and the vase gasket and the glass vase itself. The box is sturdy enough and compartmentalized, so you can use it as a carrying case. What Makes This Hookah Great? Comes as a complete kit, including a hose, and the glass vase High quality construction, extremely durable and it is built to last Has a removable diffuser for extra smooth or traditional bubbly hit Open draw – big clouds, no effort
Best Overall Hookah for 2022: Alpha Model X Hookah


Best Travel Hookah for 2022

Hoob Sub Atom Hookah

Best Travel Hookah for 2022 Hoob Sub Atom Hookah
The Hoob Sub Atom was made to be the ideal travel or portable hookah, with the performance to hold its own. Made from high quality durable acrylic and stainless steel, the Hoob Sub Atom is quite small, only 12 cm or 4.7” tall which makes it ideal for traveling use or even use outdoors. It has a magnetic locking lid that uses a powerful magnet, and it’s shockproof so the Hoob Sub Atom is quite well engineered to be a daily smoking hookah.
Hoob Sub Atom Hookah Best Travel Hookah 2022
It comes with a diffuser, and everything you need to get smoking, the downstem, the bowl grommet, diffuser, and a silicone hose (no tip). We’ve tried it with a regular bowl like the Alpaca Rook and a flavor saver, and we’ve also tried it with the Rook and a Kaloud Lotus HMD and it smokes amazingly well, is super smooth and has an easy wide open draw, and is a cloud beast. Don’t let its size fool you, you can make the biggest clouds happen with the Hoob Sub Atom!

What Makes This Hookah Great?

  • Small and portable, perfect for travel use, outdoor use, or use on tables / countertops
  • Diffuser makes it silent and smooth
  • Open draw – big clouds, no effort
Hoob Sub Atom Hookah Best Travel Hookah 2022
Zahrah Teras Stainless Steel Complete Modern Hookah Pipe

Without a doubt the Zahrah Teras hookah kit is the budget hookah for you to buy in 2022. It comes with everything you need to get started smoking, minus coals and a burner of course, and it even has a few higher end design implementations that make it a real solid performer as far as budget hookahs go. The Zahrah Teras is an all stainless steel constructed hookah, with CNC machined threading so you will be able to use this hookah a lot and for a very long time. You can tell by the weight of this hookah that it is high quality construction.

It comes the hookah, a diffuser, the glass vase is a screw on base like the German hookahs – so you can grab the hookah from the stem and move it without risking breaking your hookah, the coal tray has a drop in stainless steel fitting, so you can lift it up without having to unscrew anything another design implementation from German hookahs, and the hose port is also a drop in connector so you can easily remove it and switch hoses or rise out your hose. You also get a silicone hose, a hose crinkle spring, the hose tip, tongs, and a hose grommet & a bowl grommet, and a charcoal holder / heat management device.

And with all that, the Zahrah also blows big clouds like the rest of the hookahs on this list, and has a sleek and modern, yet traditional look to it.

What Makes This Hookah Great?

  • Solid and durable stainless steel construction – will last forever
  • Complete kit, comes with everything but the charcoal
  • Locking glass base – easy to move around
  • Open draw – big clouds, no effort


Best Value Hookah for 2022

Vyro Versa Stick Hookah

Vyro Versa Stick Hookah Stem - V2A Stainless Steel - Portable Hookah Shisha Pipe

The best value hookah for 2022 goes to the Vyro Versa Stick hookah. Constructed by Vyro, a subsidiary of the German hookah brand, Aeon, using the highest quality V2A stainless steel, the Vyro Stick hookah is a portable and high performing hookah pipe without a doubt. It comes with the hookah stem, a removable diffuser, the coal tray, and a silicone bowl grommet. The Vyro Versa can be disassembled into a small package and is the perfect hookah that can also easily be taken on your next adventure!

Vyro Versa Gold Stick Hookah Pipe Stem Disassembled Stainless Steel Diffused Hookah

The purge valve is built in the heart of the hookah which is standard, but it vents the smoke around the downstem, which is a really for optics. The hookah hits like a dream, and it’s easy to clean too. The quality of construction and performance make this hookah the easy winner for a value hookah – even if it was a little more expensive!

Vyro Versa Hookah Stem Stainless Steel Gold Hookah Pipe V2A

The Vyro Versa is easy to disassemble, and is easy to clean as well. All in all, this hookah has a wide open draw for easy cloud production – and they’re big clouds too. It’s a real pleasure to smoke, and at this price point this is definitely the best value hookah for 2022.

What Makes This Hookah Great?

  • High quality V2A stainless steel construction
  • Purge venting is around the downstem, great optics.
  • Removable diffuser
  • Open draw – big clouds, no effort
Vyro Versa Black Hookah Stem Stainless Steel Stick Hookah Pipe V2A


Best Full Size Hookah for 2022

Hoob Mars Hookah

Hoob Mars Black Best Full Size Hookah for 2022
The Hoob Mars hookahs are by far the best full size hookahs for 2022. At 28.34 inches tall, the meticulous craftsmanship and the use of premium materials is evident with the Hoob Mars. At the same time you can see this is a precision CNC machined, modern and sleek reimagining of the traditional Egyptian and Syrian hookah designs. It has the same performance of the traditional hookah – an easy to smoke wide open hookah, that is capable of producing big clouds. There is also an optional removable diffuser so you can have a much more modern and smooth experience at the same time. And the hookah has a modular design so you can adjust the size of the top stem by removing one of the pieces, to make the hookah smaller and more portable in size.
hoob mars full size hookah 01

You are getting the hookah stem, the charcoal tray, a silicone hose, a hose grommet, a hose anti-crinkle spring, and a matching hose tip. We have to give it to Hoob, they were able to fuse a traditional hookah and make a modern statement with it. This hookah performs amazingly well and looks like it is accustomed to being in nicer environments. So anywhere you take it, the attention will likely be on your Hoob Mars.

What Makes This Hookah Great?

  • High quality construction, refined design
  • Modular design – you can make it smaller if you wish
  • Optional diffuser to make it extra smooth
  • Open draw – big clouds, no effort
Hoob Mars Full Sized Hookah 03


Best Small Size Hookah for 2022

Zahrah Genie Mini Stainless Steel Hookah

Best Small Size Hookah for 2022: Zahrah Genie Mini Stainless Steel Hookah

If you are in the market for a small sized hookah in 2022, look no further than the Zahrah Genie Mini Stainless Steel hookah. Not only is it small and portable, coming in at a total height of 15 inches with the glass base. You’re getting an all high quality stainless steel constructed hookah with high quality machined fittings and threadings – which is why the Genie Mini Stainless Steel has some heft to it.

Everything you need is included, the hookah, charcoal tray, glass base, base grommet, hose grommet, silicone hose, hose tip, a bowl grommet, a clay bowl, tongs and tongs. Not only is this hookah high quality stainless steel, it also has a removable diffuser to extra smooth and silent cloud production. And when we say cloud production, this hookah pipe can rip some big clouds.

What Makes This Hookah Great?

  • Comes with a complete kit, everything you need
  • High quality stainless steel construction
  • Removable diffuser
  • Open draw – big clouds, no effort


Best Luxury Hookah for 2022

Steamulation Pro X2 Hookah

Best Luxury Hookah for 2022 Steamulation Pro X2 Hookah

The Steamulation Pro X2 hookah undoubtedly takes the best luxury hookah spot. To be honest it is actually probably more accurately described as the best ultra high performance hookah along with a luxury hookah looking at its price point and construction. Why? Well the Steamulation Pro X2 is designed to have up to 4 smokers and with their proprietary Purge-Pro valves, every user can blow out the smoke at the same time without needing to plug the other hose ports. Every user can also take a hit without having the need to plug the other 3 valves, which is how most multi port hookahs work.

The Steamulation also has an adjustable draw for each hose port, where you can adjust how open the draw is, from wide open, to restricted. Essentially this allows you to transform the hookah and how it hits based on each user’s preference, which was unheard of before! The hookah downstem is also adjustable in height allowing you further control over the volume of water and the volume of smoke that is in the chamber, further refining how this hookah hits.

Steamulation Pro X2 Hookah Matte Petrol

Made of 18/8 v2a and v4a stainless steel, this also sets apart the Steamulation on the grade of stainless steel used as most hookahs don’t use 18/8, which is highly corrosion resistant and requires little to no maintenance. The glass base also has a quick lock attachment which makes it easy to move your steamulation around during use without risking breaking it.

The Steamluation Pro X2 comes with the hookah stem, the charcoal tray, the glass base, a Steamulation hose adapter, and Steamulation sleeve upgrade adapter. It also has an adjustable and removable diffuser. It smokes like an ultra high performance hookah should and is capable of putting out clouds as big as those seen in sky above.

What Makes This Hookah Great?

  • It has many adjustable features to ensure a perfect fit for every user
  • One of the few innovative and ultra high performance hookahs on the market today
  • Quick locking and quick release base connector gives you an extra piece of mind
  • Adjustible draw – big clouds
Steamulation Pro X2 Crystal PS


Best Traditional Hookah for 2022 

Regal Joker Hookah

Regal Joker Hookah Best Traditional Hookah for 2022

We’re not very surprised to name the Regal Queen Hookah Stem as the best traditional hookah for 2022. Regal has a long history of hand crafting some of the highest quality hookah pipes that have a traditional look. The Joker hookah is made from ultra wide stainless steel and hand crafted wood, giving this pipe a traditional look with a wide open draw really just to produce clouds and savor all of that flavor in your mouth.

The detail on the Regal Joker is exquisite. The purge valve for example looks like a crown, which is just another added touch giving Regals the cult-like following that they have in the hookah world. You are getting the Joker stem, the crown charcoal tray, hose, and glass base are sold separately.

What Makes This Hookah Great?

  • Handcrafted, Regal’s have a worldwide reputation
  • A modern day take on the traditional hookah stem, very high quality
  • Open draw – big clouds


Best Russian Hookah for 2022 

Union Sleek Hybrid Hookah

Best Russian Hookah for 2022 Union Sleek Hybrid Hookah
Hands down the best Russian Hookah for 2022 goes to the Union Sleek series hookahs. In particular the Union Sleek Hybrid series. This pipe is made from very high quality stainless steel, and beautiful acrylic construction, with a highly durable polymer for the heart of the hookah. The Union Sleek Hybrid is constructed to be used in high use environments like hookah bars because you can’t really do much to the way they look or perform, since they are so durably constructed. For example, wood construction in a high use environment means the wood will eventually get dings or chips on it. None of that can happen to the Sleek Hybrid.
Union Sleek Hybrid Outdoors Red Hookah

With it you get the entire hookah stem, the charcoal tray, a removable diffuser, a silicone hose, a silicone base grommet, and a matching hose tray. You get to choose from different colors, each colorway being unique and eye-catching for a truly unique experience. As far as performance goes, you have a wide open hookah that hits like a champ and blows clouds like an old car does on a cold morning.

What Makes This Hookah Great?

  • Simple yet durable modern construction
  • Multiple colorways, each one unique
  • A matching hose tip
  • Open draw – big clouds, no effort
Union Sleek Hybrid Red Outdoors Red Glass Base


Best Modern Hookah for 2022

Starbuzz Carbine 2.0 Hookah

Best Modern Hookah for 2022 Starbuzz Carbine 2.0 Hookah
And last but not least the best modern hookah for 2022 goes to a relatively familiar face, the Starbuzz Carbine 2.0 hookah. Now over time, there have been several attempts at audacious or creative designs for a hookah. None have really lasted, or been more than a pretty face and ugly internals. Untilt the Carbine came along. This thing really looks like it came from a Galaxy far far away. With its one of a kind silhouette, the four antenna style legs, the unique incorporation of its own proprietary glass base, the Carbine 2.0 is definitely a modern hookah. You couldn’t mistake it for an ordinary hookah – ever.
Starbuzz Carbine 2.0 Black Heart Hookah

Now the reason the Carbine 2.0 is the best modern hookah is not just its design origins, but it actually is a hookah that performs well. And one that can be transported. And it can be easily cleaned. That can durably last a long time. The Starbuzz Carbine 2.0 hits all of these checkmarks. It hits like any of the best hookahs, it can be easily taken apart, transported, and re-assembled, and if something breaks parts are readily available (like the starbuzz Carbine 2.0 replacement glass base), and it will last a long time.

In fact we have some customers who keep their Carbine 2.0’s at hookah lounges and we all know that nothing is babied at a hookah bar, but they are all still in perfect condition. The paint isn’t prone to chipping like some earlier Starbuzz hookahs like the Challenger 1.0 hookah stem.

Starbuzz Carbine 2.0 Close Up Feet + Glass Base
Starbuzz Carbine 2.0 Hookah - Lime Green

The Carbine 2.0 comes in a box that can be doubled up as a carrying case and comes with everything you need to get started, the hookah stem, the charcoal tray, the glass base, a silicone hose, a matching hose tip, the hose connector and grommet, a bowl grommet, a clay bowl, and it even comes with LED lights that go under the glass base and light up the hookah. Sorry, the batteries for the lights are not included.

What Makes This Hookah Great?

  • Truly a eye appealing design
  • So many different colorways, everyone can find something they love
  • Comes with everything you need
  • LED lights are a nice touch
    Open draw – big clouds, no effort
Starbuzz Carbine 2.0 - White - Marketing Photos

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a hookah made of?

The modern hookah consists of the stem, which would be made of traditionally some kind of metal, like stainless steel, the stem has a charcoal tray, in the middle of the stem you have the heart, where everything comes together, and below the heart you have the downstem, or the part of the hookah stem that is submerged in water. The hookah stem fits into a glass base or glass vase (both are the same exact thing) that is filled partially with water.

What materials are modern hookahs made of?

The reason why most modern hookah pipes are made mostly of stainless steel due to the characteristics of the metal. Quality stainless steel is a strong metal, so your hookah pipe will not rust, corrode, lose its shape, and or bend. Much of the stainless steel like the one used on the Steamulation Pro X2 hookah, is a high grade stainless steel blend that uses metal that has great heat resistance and wear resistance properties. That is why spending a little more for a high quality stainless steel hookah pipe is recommended. 

A lot of the top hitting hookahs are also using some kind of polymer or high grade plastic as a part of their hookah design. These are commercial polymers that have excellent heat resistance and wear resistance, and are naturally immune from degradation from contact with water. A hookah is very often a one time purchase, so spending a little more for a good quality hookah pipe from a reputable manufacturer that isn’t just reselling Chinese hookahs, many of which have inferior materials, imprecise fittings, is highly recommended.

Stainless Steel Hookah Stem + Charcoal Tray Coals N Bowls
That is why every hookah and manufacturer on this list is vetted and trusted hookah company that manufacturers its own hookahs, using high quality stainless steel and other materials, and you can buy any of the hookah pipes mentioned above with a peace of mind.

What are the important parts of a hookah?


The stem of the hookah is the most visible part. The stem is the tall shaft that consists of the top stem which is the top part, and the down stem, the bottom part. The top stem is where the bowl attaches, and the downstem is the part that sits inside of the glass base and is partially submerged in water.


The heart of the hookah is where all the magic happens. The top stem and the downstem meet in the middle and this part of the hookah is the heart. Every hookah has a heart. The heart is also where the purge valve is located, and in some newer hookahs where the purge valve holes are as some of the newer hookahs have many purge valve holes that act as a networked singular purge valve. The hose port also runs through the heart and connects into the glass base of the hookah. As you can see the heart is the lifeblood of your hookah.

Purge Valve

The purge valve and the purge functionality in a hookah is also a very important feature. The purge valve is located on the heart of the hookah. A normal purge valve will be a singular valve with a port sticking out, or sometimes the port is recessed. Inside of the purge valve there is a plastic, metal, or ceramic ball that seals the valve, or when you purge the hookah, the air you are blowing in will push the ball up and unseal the purge valve, and the smoke will empty the chamber through the now open purge valve.

Some newer hookahs have multiple purge valves connected into one that allows the smoke to exit the chamber of the hookah a lot quicker. Normally purging the chamber of the hookah is used to remove the stale smoke from the glass base. This will allow you to expel stale, or overly hot hookah smoke from the base and make the necessary adjustments before you take another hit. Most hookahs will require at least one purge, but often more than one will be required to completely clear the chamber. The hookah pipes that clear the chamber in one purge are ideal.

Steamulation Purging


The draw of the hookah indicates how the hookah hits. Does the hookah require no effort? Or does the hookah require some effort? An open draw or a wide draw means the draw is open or effortless. A restricted draw means the hookah is slightly restricted or requires some effort. Most modern hookahs are made to be open draw, because hookah smokers don’t want to put effort into their favorite pastime – smoking hookah. Now a wide or open draw does mean the hookah is getting more air into it which can also mean a little bit less flavor. However, modern hookahs are manufactured to not be airy, so even if a hookah is a wide draw, it will not dilute the flavor by introducing more air. Moreso the piping and the ports in the heart are sized for optimal airflow with no restriction.

In addition, you can always restrict a wide open hookah by the bowl you use, the way you pack your tobacco in that bowl, the amount and size of holes that you poke in the foil, and the hose you use. It is better starting off with a wide open hookah and then optimizing the restriction based on the different ways mentioned above. When you start off with a restricted hookah, you will only diminish your smoking experience from that point onwards with the different accessory options that you use.


The diffuser is one of the most common, and in our opinion, one of the most worthwhile additions to hookah pipes in the last 10 years or so. So much so, that most hookahs have diffusers on them, and most of them are removable so the hookah pipe can satisfy anyone that uses it.

The diffuser is the round piece with holes in it that attaches to the bottom of the downstem. Normally the diffuser is screwed onto the downstem, but some hookahs have a slide-on diffuser. The hole pattern and design of each diffuser is slightly different, but what every diffuser does is it breaks up the larger bubbles into smaller bubbles, by diffusing them, and in turn you have less noise, and smoother smoke because the bubbles you are creating are smaller in size.

Think of boiling water – specifically a rolling boil vs a normal boil. The rolling boil has smaller bubbles and is less turbulent than a normal boil. Or you can think of a diffused tobacco pipe. The concept is the same.

A big thank you to Fumari Tobacco for the amazing image below, part of their how to use a hookah properly!

Fumari Tobacco - Anatomy of a Hookah Pipe

How to store a hookah pipe?

Not everybody has the luxury of being able to keep their modern hookah pipes out in the open. For some, they lack the space. For others, they are not able to have their hookah pipes lying around in public – maybe due to children or other reasons. Whatever the reason may be, thankfully modern hookahs can be disassembled into individual pieces for the most part and stored.

Many of these hookah pipes come in packaging that can be doubled up as a makeshift carrying case. This allows for you to disassemble, and clean your hookah easily, and then store everything in a packaging made just for your hookah. It’s just easier than leaving things lying around where small parts can go missing. Other people may have cabinet space or shelve space for their hookah which also works perfectly.

Fumari Gallivant 2 Hookah Carrying Travel Bag 1

While there are numerous ways to store your full sized and mini hookahs, we can’t not mention one of the better ways that we suggest at Coals N Bowls – the Fumari Gallivant 2 hookah travel bag. This bag was created specifically to store your hookah and all its parts, its hose, the base, your charcoal tray, your tongs, and much more! Space is ample in the Fumari Gallivant, and its comfortable and has padded protection to make sure your glass base will be safe during storage and transport!

Fumari Gallivant 2 Hookah Carrying Travel Bag 2

How much should you spend on a hookah pipe?

This is a pretty important question, especially when you are looking to buy the best hookah pipe in 2022 for your needs. Modern hookah pipes have a wide range of prices, but we find it better to ask yourself some important questions first to start narrowing down the hookah pipe that fits best in your budget.

What’s the most you are willing to pay? What are you getting for your budget? How much do modern hookahs cost? What does the hookah pipe come with?

A modern hookah can start at $100 and go all the way up to north of $1000. Though most high end hookahs are normally at the $500 – $600 range. But that is still quite the range! You want to consider what materials the hookah is made from and opt for quality materials.

Using reputable brands that have been around for a while is a good bet as well, since there is a lot of cheaper stuff coming from China, hookahs included, that lack the necessary quality control that established brands perform on their products. 

Functionality and accessories are also important when buying a hookah pipe in 2022, so make sure you check to see if you are just getting a stem, or a stem and a base, or if the hose is included as well. If these items are not included, then you will need to factor that in your budget.

Hookahs - Which one should you buy? Whats your budget? What features are you looking for?

The design is also very important. Modern hookahs come in traditional inspired designs and modern designs, and are full sized all the way down to mini sized. And lastly but most importantly, performance matters. That is going to be how you know you will enjoy your hookah purchase. For example – do you want a diffuser for a smoother and more quiet smoking experience or do you want a louder more bubbly hookah similar to a traditional Khalil Mamoon hookah pipe.

At the end of the day, you are buying the hookah for the enjoyment it will give you. And whatever hookah meets that requirement will be the one that you buy. Price is the number you are willing to get for the hookah pipe you want, and thankfully there are modern hookahs at all price points, and most of them deliver the enjoyment people are looking for.

So don’t worry about cheap or expensive as the first metric of buying, because whatever you settle on if you just look at price, will be a hookah pipe you will be using for a long time. In a lot of cases, it does make sense to pay a little more for a better hookah.

Thankfully, we have listed all high quality hookah pipes that cover everyone’s budget, so treat yourself to the hookah you like and start 2022 with a bang!

3 hookahs

Where to buy hookah: smoke shop or online?

The best place to buy a hookah is definitely online. If you are in certain areas of the US, like Orange County, Los Angeles, or New York City, you will find smoke shops that carry a limited amount or more of hookahs. Even then many of these stores will only carry a few of the lower end brands, or more traditional hookahs. Much of what they carry will be old, of questionable quality, or average performance. For modern hookah pipes buying online is your best option.

An online hookah store will have hookahs for sale from all the top brands in stock, and will be able to ship them out to you quickly. In addition the customer support for an online hookah store will often be much better than a smoke shop, and you’ll be able to reach them 24/7.

We’re glad you made it this far and hopefully you found this guide informational, fun, and enlightening. You are welcome to share this article with a friend too! At Coals N Bowls, our number one priority is you, the customer. If you have any questions about the products we sell, or if you want to share some thoughts on the subject, drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you and we would be happy to help!

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