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The Unwritten Rules of Hookah Etiquette

Hookah Etiquette Tips

Hookah smoking is a very popular pastime for many people. In fact, hookahs are the most common way to smoke tobacco in the Middle East and India. The word “hookah” comes from the Hindi word “huqqa” which means “to draw water.”

Hookah culture is a growing trend in the United States and all over the world. This has created a new market for hookahs, accessories, and flavored shisha. But with this increased popularity has come an increase in bad etiquette practices that can make your hookah smoking experience less enjoyable for you and others around you.

Always Use Tongs to Handle the Coals

One of the major reasons hookah smoking has become less enjoyable is because people are no longer using tongs when they handle their coals. Tongs were not invented for cooking, but rather to help maintain good hygiene practices while handling dirty grill grates and hot charcoal briquettes. If you use tongs in your daily life then it should be a habit that carries over into your hookah experience as well.

Using tongs will protect you from getting burned by touching the coal directly with your hands or dropping hot charcoals on yourself which can result in serious burns even if only for a few seconds. It also protects others around you who might get accidentally bumped or brushed against by these flaming embers of coal at high temperatures.

Keep Your Hookah Clean by Washing It Out After Each Session

Cleaning the hookah will not only keep it in good shape but also prevent any buildup of mold or bacteria that may cause your taste experience to change. You wouldn’t want any residue from your hookah being transferred to the next person.

Start by cleansing it with water and a brush, or you can purchase a commercial cleaning product that is designed for this purpose.

Clean any removable parts of the base like the tray (if there is one) as well as any filters before placing them back on so they’re always ready when needed. You may also want to clean out some excess air from inside the main chamber if possible to help make packing easier later on because fresh air will seep in naturally each time you draw smoke through it which helps keep everything dryer.

Don’t Be a Hookah Hog!

If you have any friends or family over for a hookah session, it is always good etiquette to offer them the hookah first. If they decline, it’s time for you!

If there are any food or drinks involved in your session, be sure to refresh their beverage before taking a new turn with the hose.

As far as someone sharing their hookah, it’s best not to smoke from someone else’s hookah if they haven’t offered it first; however, feel free to offer one should they want some fresh air! Some people enjoy sharing tobacco between two bowls – just make sure when doing so use another mouthpiece for each bowl instead of swapping mouthpieces back and forth.

Make Sure Your Guests Are Comfortable!

One of the most important ways to show your guests that you’re a gracious host is by making sure they are always comfortable while in front of the hookah. You may want to have extra pillows and cushions around for them, or adjust their seating position if they seem uncomfortable. Sitting too high or low can make it difficult for people to enjoy themselves when smoking from a hookah as well!

Some smokers like to sit on top of a pillow near the base so they can reach down easily without having to lean over awkwardly every time someone needs another hit.

Dispose of Any Used Coals

After you’re done with your hookah session, dispose of any coals left in an ashtray. The best way to get rid of coals is to let them cool and smash them with your tongs.

If you don’t have an ashtray, make sure to toss your used coals in a bucket or other receptacle that can be easily cleaned up later on.

Keep an Eye on How Much Tobacco Is Left in the Bowl to Make Sure It Doesn’t Run Out While You’re Still Smoking

No one wants to be left with a mouthful of burnt smoke and no hookah tobacco at the end.

When you’re smoking, make sure you keep an eye on how much hookah tobacco is left in your bowl so that it doesn’t run out while everyone’s still enjoying their sessions.

This way, someone else can get a refill without having to interrupt anyone’s session too much.

The worst thing you could do is just finish off everyone’s bowls when they’re not looking! Be courteous about things like this – after all, there are other people around who may have wanted to hit as well.

After reading this article, you should have a better understanding of proper hookah etiquette. What other etiquette tips would you recommend? Comment below!

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