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Alpaca Predator Phunnel Bowl
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Alpaca Predator Phunnel Bowl


The Alpaca Predator is a small phunnel bowl with an intuitive design that allows for the elimination of foil drag from the weight of the coals. The wide gauge spire has a bridge above it, that creates a gap between the spire and the foil, making it impossible for you to experience foil drag during your session. The Alpaca Predator ensures proper airflow and optimal flavor in every session.

The Alpaca Predator is a small phunnel bowl which makes it perfect for dark leaf tobacco and shorter sessions with blonde leaf tobacco, this bowl is great for optimal tobacco consumption as there is very little wasted tobacco at the end of a session, and you don’t use that much to begin with! The Alpaca Predator bowl is handmade in the city of Long Beach, CA, with the use of the finest American Clay, adding to the reasons that Alpaca bowls are world renewed as being one of the best handmade shish bowls available worldwide.

Bowl Type: Phunnel Bowl (Small)

Bowl Material: American Clay

Estimated Bowl Tobacco Capacity: 15-20 grams

Heat Management Device Compatibility: AOT Provost 2, AOT Provost Tray, Hookah John Flavor Saver

(Note: Due to the bridge over the spire, the AOT Provost 2 and the AOT Provost Tray will not work 100% correctly with this bowl)

Smoke Session Duration: 1hr to 2 hrs

  • Orders Are Shipped Promptly Within 24-48 Hours.  Excluding  Weekends & Holidays.


Bowl Dimensions:

Height: 4″

Width (Diameter of Bowl): 2.5″

Weight: 10 oz


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