HookahJohn Trimony Hookah Bowl Blue Stone
Hookah John Trimony Bowl

Hookah John Trimony Bowl


The Hookah John Trimony Hookah Bowl is the latest phunnel bowl from the man himself, Hookah John. It was released on 5-22-2015.

This is one of the best phunnel bowls, designed off of the OG Hookah John Harmony Bowl, matching it in both form and the overall bowl diameter. The main difference is the inner spire of this phunnel bowl has cuts or splices in three spots, providing for more air flow. In addition, the Hookah John Trimony bowl is also deeper than the Harmony bowl, allowing for more tobacco and a longer smoking session.

Hookah John bowls are made in the USA from the highest quality American clay. The heat management of this bowl where excess heat is distributed and the optimal amount of heat necessary is absorbed into the bowl is amazing! You will notice a huge difference in smoking experience using this bowl vs other cheaper imported bowls.

Bowl Type: Phunnel Bowl

Bowl Material: American Clay

Estimated Bowl Tobacco Capacity: 20-28 grams

Heat Management Device Compatibility: Kaloud Lotus 1, Kaloud Lotus 2, AOT Provost 2, AOT Provost Tray, Hookah John Flavor Saver

Smoke Session Duration: 1.25 hrs to 2 hrs +

  • Orders Are Shipped Promptly Within 24-48 Hours.  Excluding  Weekends & Holidays.


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