Overdozz Premium Phunnel Bowl G1 Blue
Overdozz Premium Phunnel Bowl G1 (Starbuzz Nar Compatible)

Overdozz Premium Phunnel Bowl G1 (Starbuzz Nar Compatible)


The Overdozz G1 Phunnel Bowl is one of the best performing phunnel bowls on the market. Handmade in Spain with white clay, with excellent heat distribution and flavor / session longevity.

This bowl is especially suitable for those looking to use Starbuzz NAR Heat management device. Using the Starbuzz NAR HMD our flavor doesn’t overheat and you maintain the perfect temperature. With every bowl being slightly different in shape and color, a highly sought after characteristic of handmade bowls, the Overdozz G1 Phunnel Bowl will make a fantastic head for your hookah sessions.

Bowl Type: Phunnel Bowl

Bowl Material: White Clay

Estimated Bowl Tobacco Capacity: 20-25 grams

Heat Management Device Compatibility: AOT Provost 2, AOT Provost Tray, Hookah John Flavor Saver, Starbuzz NAR

Smoke Session Duration: 1.25 hrs to 2 hrs +


Starbuzz NAR Heat Management System sold separately.

  • Orders Are Shipped Promptly Within 24-48 Hours.  Excluding  Weekends & Holidays.


Overdozz Premium Phunnel Bowl G1 Dimensions:


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