Starbuzz Paradigm Hookah Bowl
Starbuzz Paradigm Silicone Bowl

Starbuzz Paradigm Silicone Bowl


The Starbuzz Silicone Bowl Series presents the Paradigm. These silicone bowls are meant to amaze you with their chic design and indestructible construction.

The best part? They fit on most heat management systems, so your smoking experience is guaranteed not to be interrupted by a pesky grommet again.

And they won’t melt or peel under normal wear and tear either – these new silicon bowls have got it all covered for ultimate convenience of use no matter what situation you’re in. Go ahead, get yourself a Starbuzz Paradigm Silicone Bowl today!

Bowl Type: Traditional Bowl / Hybrid

Bowl Material: Silicone

Estimated Bowl Tobacco Capacity: 18-25 grams

Heat Management Device Compatibility: AOT Provost 2, AOT Provost Tray, Hookah John Flavor Saver, Starbuzz NAR

Smoke Session Duration: 1.25 hrs to 2 hrs +

  • Orders Are Shipped Promptly Within 24-48 Hours.  Excluding  Weekends & Holidays.


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