Chaos Hookah Tobacco 250g - Mr Roboto
Chaos Hookah Tobacco – 250g
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Chaos Hookah Tobacco – 250g


Chaos Shisha Tobacco is a German company that was established in 2016 and just hit the US market! Their approach to to tobacco brought in an array of different/unique flavors with their different way of naming the flavor options. Some of the most popular ones are Mr. Roboto as well as Arab Prince. For a full description of each flavor, scroll down.

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Chaos 250G Tobacco Flavor Descriptions:

Arabic Prince: A blend of melons with the secrets of a dragon!

El Patron: The tobacco version of a famous exotic soft drink!

Mr.Roboto: A crazy and unique dragon fruit mixture

Foreplay: Delicious composition based on a lemon sorbet surrounded by a fresh mint!

Icemam: Menthol Mint.

Mangana: A mix of mango, pineapple and menthol.

Mephisto: A diabolic mixture of finest melons and a passionfruit smoothie!

Prince William: Pears with combined with some freshness

WTF: Mango, passionfruit and vanilla mixed together

Turkish Bubbles: Very similar to traditional mastic gums!


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