Chaos Shisha Tobacco Jumanji
Chaos Jumanji 250g
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Chaos Jumanji 250g


A subtle peach mixed with a vivid sourness of apple and the cool refreshing breeze of menthol. This bipolar flavor will have you choosing sides: Either you’ll love it or leave it on the shelf. But the question is: Are you daring enough to try?

  • Recommended Bowl:  Funnel or Hybrid Funnel

    *Note: Egyptian Bowls can either be great or horrible with this flavor, sometimes giving you deathly mint

  • CNB Recommended Bowl:  Alpaca Rook, Alpaca Apache
  • CNB Recommended HMD:  Apple on Top Provost II (Tray or full setup)
  • Packing Recommendation:  Fluff Pack, Keep Juicy For More Flavor
  • Mixing Recommendations:  None, smoke this by itself.
  • Tobacco Type:  Medium Cut, High-Quality Blonde Leaf (Burns for ages!)
  • Clouds:  Intense!
  • Orders Are Shipped Promptly Within 24-48 Hours.  Excluding  Weekends & Holidays.


Nicotine content:  0.05%

Contents:  Tobacco, glycerin, flavors, molasses.

Country of Origin:  Germany


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