Chaos Shisha Tobacco Policeman
Chaos Policeman 250g
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Chaos Policeman 250g


A unique mix of mouthwatering lychee, refreshing watermelon, and the coolness of menthol mint. This flavor, by far, dominates as the best for lychee lovers compared to other brands and will quickly become one of your favorites.

  • Recommended Bowl:  Funnel or Hybrid Funnel

    *Note: Egyptian Bowls can either be great or horrible with this flavor, sometimes giving you deathly mint

  • CNB Recommended Bowl: Hookah John Trimony, D-Head
  • CNB Recommended HMD:  Flavor Saver
  • Packing Recommendation:  Fluff Pack, Keep Juicy For More Flavor
  • Mixing Recommendations:  None, smoke this by itself
  • Tobacco Type:  Medium Cut, High-Quality Blonde Leaf (Burns for ages!)
  • Clouds:  Intense!
  • Orders Are Shipped Promptly Within 24-48 Hours.  Excluding  Weekends & Holidays.


Nicotine content:  0.05%

Contents:  Tobacco, glycerin, flavors, molasses.

Country of Origin:  Germany


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