Starbuzz Bold Kilo
Starbuzz Bold Tobacco – 1 Kg

Starbuzz Bold Tobacco – 1 Kg


A new contemporary line of strong flavors with a robust taste profile, Starbuzz Bold Tobacco has taken the hookah world by storm. Available in 1 kg containers, this tobacco is perfect for those who like to purchase their favorite flavors in bulk and want to share them with friends at home or for yourself.


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Weight 2.25 lbs

Apple Doppio, Asian Persuasion, Black Mint, Black Peach Mist, Brownie, Code Blue, Cosmo Power, Dibs on Ashley, French Buzz, Geisha, Golden Grape, Grape Freeze, Grapefruit Mint, Green Savior, Irish Kiss, Irish Peach, Jack the Ripper, Lady in Red, Margarita Freeze, Mighty Freeze, Mint Colossus, Peach Ice Tea, Peach Mist, Peach Queen, Pineapple Freeze, Pink Lady, Purple Savior, Queen of Sex, Simply Mango, Simply Mint, Spiced Chai, Tropicool, Watermelon Freeze, White Bear, White Chai, White Mint


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