Trifecta Blonde Shisha Kilo 1000g
Trifecta Blonde Shisha Kilo 1Kg

Trifecta Blonde Shisha Kilo 1Kg


Trifecta Blonde Shisha 1 Kg gives you all the golden brown goodness of a high-quality tobacco – sourced, cut and cured with care. This is a rich hookah tobacco experience for those who want to enjoy their smoking time from start to finish in style. The warmth and flavor are second to none, leaving it as one of our most popular blends. It’s hard not feeling accomplished when making a hookah with this blend!


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The Trifecta Hookah Tobacco Blonde Kilo 1000g Tub features flavors that keep the feet tapping and toes on its edge! The delicious fruity blends will impress your taste buds, making your mouth water as you smoke it. What are you waiting for? With each tub dated to maintain quality control, store in an airtight container at room temperature to ensure freshness, refill while saving on expense with this kitty of kilo hookah tobacco!

The smoking experience contains both the traditional and contemporary spirit of hookah. Trifecta Blonde is one of the best medium cuts around, which has a light color that reflects its sweet nature perfectly. This product is perfect for those looking for something uncomplicated without being too carefree or barely there. Also, this tobacco does not produce as much smoke as some other products on the market and features a beautiful rustic grind with an easy pull and mellow taste with no tars or excessive heat production.

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Apple 509, Bds, Blue Strawberry, Bohemian Mix, Bona Fide, Cherry Berry, Coconut Ginger, Cucumber Mojito, Huckleberry, Iced Orange Mint, Lemon Mint, Mango Smoothie, Mediterranean Mint, Melon Melange, Moro Zest, Mountain Fog, Nawar, P3, Peach Mint, Peppermint Shake, Persian Melon, Pineapple Guava, Pumpkin Somethin, Ruby, Spiced Java, Tnt, Twice The Ice X, Twice The Ice, Vanilla, Vertigo


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