Amy Deluxe Karat X Hookah
Karat X
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Karat X


The Amy Deluxe Karat X hookah has a breathtaking design. It’s made from the finest crystal glass and is decorated with dazzling gems that are sure to grab everyone’s attention!

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Amir’s Karat X is perfect for any sophisticated smoker. Its classy design and appealing jewels on the stem are sure to attract anyone who sees it, but don’t worry – we have something that will fit your needs no matter what they may be!

Amir’s Karat X comes with a leather silicone hose in different colors such as white or black so you can match its color scheme seamlessly; however if you’re looking for an embellishment of class then look no further than our Infinity Gauntlet mirroring stem which would make this hookah uniquely yours.

The Amy Deluxe Unio shisha accessory package consists of:

  • Closed-chamber system
  • Particularly high-quality stainless steel (scratch-resistant, antibacterial)
  • Four connections
  • Golden carbon mouthpiece
  • Stone tobacco head with golden hot screen
  • Fine packaging
  • Universal adapter with ball joint in matching gold tone
  • Coal tongs
  • Unscrew-able diffuser
  • Leather hose with silicone interior (washable)
  • Gold-colored coal plate


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