Hoob Go On Hookah Black
Hoob Go On Black Hookah
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Hoob Go On Black Hookah


The Hoob Go On hookah is designed with simplicity and style. This black version of the product has a sharp, sophisticated design made for users who want to be special with their purchase.

The Hoob provides exceptional airflow options-a slim metal mouthpiece that spikes two ways at once, even more than most other hoses on the market. The hose port has complete magnetic hold that won’t allow any substances or materials you inhale into your body to escape through an opening in your insulated stainless stainless steel hookah.

  • Orders Are Shipped Promptly Within 24-48 Hours.  Excluding  Weekends & Holidays.


Hoob Go On Black Hookah Specs:

  • Fixed Stainless Charcoal Tray
  • Magnetic Hose Port
  • Air Valve
  • Grommet Kit
  • Adjustable Diffuser
  • Grommet Connection to the Base
  • 49 CM in height
  • 13 mm Down-Stem
  • 10mm Hose Connectors


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