Hoob Mars Hookah Black
Hoob Mars Black
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Hoob Mars Black


The Hoob Mars Black Hookah is a finely designed hookah that’s made from top of the line materials for an extraordinary experience. This hookah features a sleek bold design with shades of black and glorious gold glitter. The Hoob Mars Black Hookah will exceed your expectations as an excellent work of art!

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About the Black Series

Completely unique from our Black Series, this design is a mix of traditional round forms and the highest precision of modern 3D drawing methods of engineering. The innovative bore provides you with convenience without any sacrifice in smoking performance. The special diffuser at the top helps to ensure a smooth draw but also looks cool!

Hoob Mars Black Series Specs

The Hoob Mars Black Hookah is the world’s most stunning hookah, guaranteed to dazzle any smoker. This hookah combines superior quality materials like stainless steel and black anodized aluminum, engineered with extra flare. A removable or fixed charcoal tray will allow you to prepare your clouds with precision; the purge valve features integrated handle holder; heavy duty magnet ensures that your hose doesn’t come undone when you remove it for cleaning. For added convenience, this piece has 2 waterless seals on each of its 3 parts (stem base connection gasket and diffuser/hose port). Plus, a variety of colors are available so you can mix match your new exquisite hand-crafted masterpiece!


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