Hoob Mars Hookah Space Grey
Hoob Mars Space Grey
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Hoob Mars Space Grey


Mars from Hoob Hookahs is a beautifully designed hookah that smokes like its classics but comes with the latest technology.

Perfect Air Flow and Purging System will keep your smoke clean, creating an enjoyable smoking experience like never before.

Mars built for both beginners and experienced smokers alike; who enjoy to relax with friends or spend some time alone in their space.

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Space Grey Series Specs

So you may be wondering, what makes the Hoob Mars Hookah so unique? The answer: anodized aluminum. Aluminum is a sturdy and lightweight metal that won’t rust or tarnish when exposed to moisture, which makes it perfect for the construction of high-quality pipes such as this third generation hookah stem.

That’s just one scientific reason to invest in our newest product!

Details: This durable yet elegant stem stands at 9 inches with grommet connections between shaft and base—much more convenient than clumsy standard screw fitting connections. A purge valve with integrated handle holder adds utility in case of clogs and filters smoke while simultaneously shaking off any unwanted particles from your fingers after use. If we had our way, we’d equip


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