Hoob SubAtom Hookah Gold


The prime customer for Hoob SubAtom Hookah Gold is the person that wants to always look fashionable.

The modern minimalistic design and black/gold color scheme make this hookah unique to other models out there, making it an undoubtedly a stylish choice of a hookah.

The magnetic lock makes setup effortless, so nobody has to be bothered by fiddly hooks or screws anymore- magic touch! All in all, perfect for those who are looking for a subtle yet sexy hookah accessory.

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The Hoob SubAtom Hookah Gold has a 12cm height and a 13mm downstem. It features a triple purge system, which ensures cleanliness before smoking, and an acrylic water tank with gold flakes inside for ultimate luxury. This hookah is created of high-quality materials to ensure durability. It also includes two hose connectors—10mm for ash catcher or 10 gauge extra stem adapter add-ons—and one silicone hose handle that is attached from the top of the hookah rather than beneath it for ease of use when heat sealing on your favorite pipe attachments!


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