Starbuzz Atlantis Ice Short Hookah
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Starbuzz Atlantis Ice Short Hookah


The newest Starbuzz hookah, the Atlantis Ice Hookah, is a marvel of engineering that can keep you chatting for hours with friends. When it comes to smoke cooling and smoking aesthetics nothing else even compares!

The Starbuzz Atlantis Ice Hookahs have been wowing audiences since 2014 when they first debuted. The cool blue design paired with an ice chamber make these American-made pieces stand out from their competition; no other water pipes look as sleek or work this well in terms of keeping your tobacco at optimum temperature levels so every puff tastes just right without any harshness whatsoever

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This brand new model introduces a built-in ice chamber underneath the bowl port which allows allows for a colder smoke to enter the base. This will be leaving you with a chilled and smoother smoking experience every time! The finely crafted ice chamber is designed so that melted water doesn’t leak into your stem—allowing you an easy end of session cleanup without any messes.

The Atlantis Ice shaft from Starbuzz is a 23 inch tall masterpiece that will take your hookah smoking to the next level. It’s made in America and comes with innovative features for an extraordinary experience!

Starbuzz USA-made stems are the best option for hookah smokers, with heavy duty anodizing ensuring their durability and scratch resistance. Starbuzz’s commitment to quality goes much deeper than just using high end paint; they also use automotive grade paints in all of its products.

The Starbuzz USA-Made hookah stem is a revolutionary new product that will take your smoking experience to the next level. The surgical grade downstem prevents ghosting and rinses out as easy as it goes in with no scrubbing needed! It also produces some amazing clouds, you won’t be disappointed if you invest on this top notch piece.

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