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Starbuzz Mini Hookah Complete Set
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Starbuzz Mini Hookah Complete Set


The Starbuzz Mini Hookah, the perfect hookah package for beginners and experts alike! The SB mini utilizes the modern look of their full size hookah series on this 19.5″ body. The amount features within this design made us clap but the price tag received a standing ovation! Colors match up with matching accessories– more than one will be to your liking! This is a great choice for any bar and home use in all cases!


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Sometimes you’ll need to take your hookah on the go, and when that happens you won’t want it anywhere near a drop. The Starbuzz Mini Hookah has locking base so that even the most spontaneous move won’t send your hookah crashing to the ground. Once assembled, twist and hear all those teeth click-lock in place for an airtight seal; then lift with confidence knowing your little daytime habit is safe.

There are many small smoke hookah products now available, but Starbuzz is close to perfecting the design. The 19 1/2″ height allows for this hookah to be utilized in many different areas as it doesn’t rattle or cause noise if you’re working or studying on your computer. It also has a removable diffuser for smooth inhales and less vibration and a purge valve built within that isn’t protruding like other designs – making it quite efficient in helping clear the base with a quick exhale. And what’s more, there is no need to worry about rusting because its quality metal body won’t let this product have any problems!

These small mini hooks are perfect to store for days when you don’t have a lot of time. The unique design prevents harmful ash and sulfur build-up that sometimes happens in unused coal trays. This is one of the smallest Hookahs on the market, but certainly not short of flavor or smoke quality.

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Weight13 lbs
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Red, Green, Orange, Blue, Pink


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