Zahrah Z70 All Glass Hookah


Beautifully designed, these hookahs are made from high quality glass and built to last. These glass hookahs don’t contain any metal parts that could corrode over time. They’re perfect for an evening of hanging out with friends or just a night at home enjoying your favorite blends.

This is a modern hookah that will revolutionize how you smoke. The Zahrah All Glass Hookah is made entirely of medical-grade silicone featuring high-quality materials for an easy and comfortable smoking experience, it also comes with a custom glass tip giving your mouth an incredible level of comfort.

The Z70 All Glass Hookah is perfect for some calming relaxation. With this hookah you’ll be able to take your zen time in stride.

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The Package will include:

  • Z70 USA made glass hookah body
  • USA made glass stem
  • USA made glass tray
  • Purge valve
  • Silicon Hose with custom USA made glass tip
  • USA made glass bowl
  • LED light

Please Note that the color for the design on the silicon of the hose, Hose glass tip and stem may vary.

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Weight 9 lbs


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